Hotel La Certosa - Penisola Sorrentina

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Alfonso ed Imma

"Il colore azzurro raggiunge lo specchio dell'io, riflesso rimbalza sulla cresta dell'onda mentre si attenua il respiro. Scioglie la tensione il sorriso di mamma Luisa e delle sue nuore, rassicura il silenzio roccioso di Corrado, faro incantato per la sua Elena. Pazienti nell'ascolto , ti avvolgono con saggia ironia complice di un patto che la natura rinsalda ad ogni arrivo. Al giro di boa riparte il battito, mentre Alfonso ed Alessandro riaccendono il fuoco dell'accoglienza. I semi dell'eternità, Pasquale e Francesco , sono cullati al caldo tramonto dal tocco amorevole di Olga e Luisa. L'immutabile rassicura, è Nerano"

from Napoli, on Aug 22, 2015

Bob and Marianne

Hi Alfonso - We haven't seen you in a long time - time for us to come to Italy - or if you ever come to Canada come stay with us!! Our daughter, Anna and her husband, Dallas had a fabulous time with you - thank you for taking such good care of them. We just returned from a trip to the USA and saw Anna and Dallas 2 days ago - first time since they returned from Italy. Thank you very much for the wine you sent for us - we will think of you and your family when we open it. Ciao for now good friend, Chuck (Bob) and Marianne Ps - with a grey beard I don't look like Chuck anymore - but I have the moves.

— on Jul 2, 2015


Thank you for a lovely stay Fonsi. We are enjoying the wine you gave us tonight. The tiramisu was delicious for breakfast! We will come again! Love claire

from londra, on Jul 2, 2015

Louise & Richard

Dear Alfonso, Alessandro and families...Richard and I wanted to thank you again for our wonderful stay at La Certosa. We had the most amazing 2 weeks on the Amalfi coast which was made all the more special staying at your fabulous hotel. We can't wait to return again and enjoy the tranquillity of Marina Del Cantone X

from Chelmsford, on Jul 1, 2015


The Photograph. Monastery doors of La Certosa before he got older A powerful handsome Italian man With an old cinquecento and a plan To create a family hotel In the little bay he knew so well They brought rocks from the mountain quarries In ancient rumbling lorries And the hotel became a regal home A splendid sunlit holiday dome! Beside him in the faded photo A man who had not long to go Under the beret and flashing eyes In sickness close to his demise The finest dancer of his generation A refugee from his communist nation In Paris '93 he gave his final breath His name was Rudolf Nureyev.

from Regno Unito, on May 14, 2015

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