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Livre d'or

Dear Alfonso and La Certosa, Thank you much for a very pleasant and nice stay with you ? we really enjoyed the warm and friendly atmosphere, the food, the beach and the boat trips. A colleague has already asked for your web address so next year you might get more visitors from Norway..Just a little remark about the taxi which I think could be wise for you to know when you book taxis for guests in the future. It arrived at last.. 1 hour and 10 minutes late. Luckily we had calculated extra time so we did not miss the flight. However, it was not the same driver, nor the same car, and the driver didn?t seem to know that we were going to the airport. He was neither informed that we had payed the total amount on arrival and had to investigate this when we came to the airport. I wish you the best for the end of the high season and that you also will have time for some holiday this year J With kind regards, Edle Blomquist

— le 29 août 2010

Caro Alfonso, Buona sera! Thank you very much for your hospitality on our visit to Hotel La Certosa. We had an absolutely wonderful time and your welcoming and friendly helpfulness made it even better. Grazie Mille! I migliori auguri Rebecca

— le 29 août 2010

Dear Alfonso, I would like to thank you for the very good week we had in your hotel. Our children loved it, so did we. Yesterday I talked to our dutch friends who were also in your hotel with their children last week , they told me it was the best holiday they ever had!! We hope we can come back next year. My parents celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary. The family and best friends want to offer them as a week in your hotel as a gift. I need to check with my parents what date is best for them but it is probably end of august/beginning of september. I hope that you have rooms available in that period. I will let you know asap! Kind regards also to your children and wife! Gerda

— le 30 mai 2010

Hello Alphonso (Fonzy), I hope you and your family are still with the family at the hotel and things are going well. Just thought I would send you an email to say hello ? we think of our visits to La Certosa often. We visited Greece the last 2 years, but I think it is time for a return trip to the Sorrentine Peninsula. Our second youngest daughter, Alison, - she was with us on our last visit ? is getting married this summer, so we will not be doing any big trips this year ? next year will be the year for Italy again. Not sure if I look like Chuck Norris anymore, I haven?t seen him for a while. Once again, I hope you are doing well, say hello to your family ? you, your hotel and restaurant are my favourite in Italy. Regards, Ciao ? Chuck, Bob Wingfield

— le 3 avr. 2010

Dear family del Hotel Certosa, I wanted to thank you again for the really nice time we enjoyed at your beautiful hotel! We really liked the family, the house, the amazing surrounding and the delicious food! When we returned to naples we started missing it immediately! Now, back in Berlin, we still talk about it and dream of the tasty pasta and cakes. This is why I write you. It?s Nicolas birthday soon and therefor that he still speaks about the fantastic cake you offered us the last evening [the present of the house], I thought I might be able to do it by myself. I am sure, that it will not turn out as great as the one your mother, Alfonso, did, but at least I can try to bring back the feeling of La Marina del Cantone. This is why I ask you, what the name of the cake is, so that I can maybe find a recipe in internet or somewhere else. It was a cold cake with a crispy surface and some white compact cream inside. The bottom was thin. I hope that you remember with this description, because I know that you have a lot to do, and we are just some guest out of a lot, that are enjoying your house! Anyway it would be really nice if you could help me out with this! Thank you for your effort already! I wish you the best and hope to see you soon, I am sure we will come back! Take care, Yours sincerely Tanja Egen

— le 7 févr. 2010

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