Hotel La Certosa - Penisola Sorrentina

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Hello Alfonso, I wanted to take the moment to thank you and your family for a wonderful holiday in Italy. This was my first time and it was amazing! I am sure I won?t be forgetting it for some time. Your hotel, your staff, the food, the wine, the views, the beach were all outstanding. The hospitality from both you and your brother Alessandro was exceptional. The willingness of both of you to meet all of the needs of our large group was clear. My thanks to your friend Antonio as well, he was a very competent driver. I truly do wish I could come back tomorrow but unfortunately I am back at work in New York. Maybe next year!

— il 18/set/2007

We loved our stay at your hotel and the hospitality. We went off to Capri and then on to Frascati and decided the best Time was at your hotel. The food was exceptional. Thank you again for to wonderful stay at your hotel. Kind regards Peggy, Gary, Marlene and And

— il 01/ago/2007

We stayed at your hotel last October & had an absolute wonderful experience. We would love to say something about your lovely family & service you all provided but alas can't find the spot on your guest book to write the E-mail. If you can transfer this over to your guest book don't forget to state the different services of driver & navigator you know to help guests see the sights. Barbara & Tom Offerdahl, October 2006

— il 31/lug/2007

We had a great time in Italy and wanted you to see the picture we took. We wish we had skipped Venezia -- your friends were right! We loved your hotel and restaurant and enjoyed meeting your family. Thank you again, Alfonso, for helping us with our passports. That was very kind of you to help us with that. Staying at your hotel was one of the highlights of our trip -- best food, view, cappuccino, room, and especially visiting with all of you. Hope your guests are behaving and not making you nervous!!! Take care, Tony, Sue and Lisa Gualano

— il 06/lug/2007

Dear Alfonso and Alessandro, We are safely back in Finland, still on the way to Lapland. We´re staying in Southern Finland for few days more before returning home. Luckily we managed to bring your farewell gift, the "Tauri" wine, safely with us. We enjoyed the wine during the late supper on the day of the arrival with our dear relatives. The "Tauri" wine is probably the best wine we´ve ever tasted. After reading your guest book on your web sites, we´re not the only ones who have been enjoying your overwhelming hospitality.You always found a satisfying answer or solution to our requests. During our stay we learned to love and appreciate the Italian cooking after enjoying the delicacies of your kitchen.We were given special offers to enjoy home-made pasta and fresh fish and also pasta Bolognese. We could not have been more delighted to have such a superb room with a small balcony facing the beach and the sea.The murmur of the sea and the stunning views gave us a glimpse of a paradise. It was a perfect place to relax after a week in Rome, bathing in the sun, hiking to the isolated beach in Ieranto and visiting Capri. (Travel sickness pills and safety kit for snake bites would have be handy to be sold in the hotel.) We remember the funny chats which made us laugh and entertain. Alfonso´s little daughters charmed us and especially our daughters. Special thanks for Alessandro who woke up very early in our departure morning to prepare breakfast especially for us, so that, we could catch the bus to Sorrento at 6.55 am. On the way to Rome we already started to plan our next visit to your hotel and Marina del Cantone. Our experience as your guests exceeded all our expectations and we totally fell in love with Italy and Marina del Cantone where we had never been before. After traveling around the world with my husband, Jouni, and living abroad for few years and seeing countless of places of interest, I have to admit that my family has never received such an awe-inspiring and emotionally touching travel experience than we had with you last week. Working as a Senior Lecturer in Tourism and Hospitality Degree Programme in the University of Applied Sciences in Rovaniemi, I´m delighted to use your hotel as an excellent example of a high-quality hotel for my students. We wish you could visit Lapland and Santa Claus in winter time so that we could offer you the best of hospitality of Lapland. Love, Teija, Jouni, Henna-Elise and Emma-Liina

— il 03/lug/2007

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