Hotel La Certosa - Penisola Sorrentina

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Hello Alphonso (Fonzy), I hope you and your family are still with the family at the hotel and things are going well. Just thought I would send you an email to say hello ? we think of our visits to La Certosa often. We visited Greece the last 2 years, but I think it is time for a return trip to the Sorrentine Peninsula. Our second youngest daughter, Alison, - she was with us on our last visit ? is getting married this summer, so we will not be doing any big trips this year ? next year will be the year for Italy again. Not sure if I look like Chuck Norris anymore, I haven?t seen him for a while. Once again, I hope you are doing well, say hello to your family ? you, your hotel and restaurant are my favourite in Italy. Regards, Ciao ? Chuck, Bob Wingfield

— on 3 apr. 2010

Dear family del Hotel Certosa, I wanted to thank you again for the really nice time we enjoyed at your beautiful hotel! We really liked the family, the house, the amazing surrounding and the delicious food! When we returned to naples we started missing it immediately! Now, back in Berlin, we still talk about it and dream of the tasty pasta and cakes. This is why I write you. It?s Nicolas birthday soon and therefor that he still speaks about the fantastic cake you offered us the last evening [the present of the house], I thought I might be able to do it by myself. I am sure, that it will not turn out as great as the one your mother, Alfonso, did, but at least I can try to bring back the feeling of La Marina del Cantone. This is why I ask you, what the name of the cake is, so that I can maybe find a recipe in internet or somewhere else. It was a cold cake with a crispy surface and some white compact cream inside. The bottom was thin. I hope that you remember with this description, because I know that you have a lot to do, and we are just some guest out of a lot, that are enjoying your house! Anyway it would be really nice if you could help me out with this! Thank you for your effort already! I wish you the best and hope to see you soon, I am sure we will come back! Take care, Yours sincerely Tanja Egen

— on 7 feb. 2010

Hello It is already a while ago since enjoyed two beautiful days in your hotel (07.12.09). It was very nice and we thank you for your kind hospitality! A special big thank you for the delicious bottle of red wine we got from you. Yesterday evening we enjoy the wine along with some nice food and we felt a little bit like in Massa Lubrense. We wish you a succesful 2010! Kind regards Clemens Stampfli Hoteldirektor, MBA

— on 7 jan. 2010

Hello family and Alfonso della Certosa I finally have the pictures taken by my friend during our delightful stay at the Paradise Marina in Canton in May and so I send the greetings with a lot of (unfortunately wet today) on our Venice. We would like to thank you for your hospitality - delicious and memorable meals - and wish you good summer and good job! Greetings from Anna Zemella Nicholas Regine Gillian Price

— on 23 jun. 2009

Morning Alfonso Just to say thank-you for a lovely stay last week at your fab hotel last week! (We had room 44) We had a great time at Marina Del Contone, did lots of walking to explore the beautiful area.The restaurant was excellent and we were looked after very well. Now we are back home and to work and it hasn't stopped raining!! We intend to return to Hotel Certosa either later in September, or next year again, depending on our finances! Have a good season! Kind Regards, Keith and Penny Devlin

— on 23 jun. 2009

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